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Living with Mangee
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Tweetin' with Mangee 
16th-Jul-2010 12:00 pm
wired, tech, wires

  • 21:31 Relaxing after a superb day. <3 my girl: @Cabbettenz is doing a test knit, just frogged 20rows & is forking the pattern #hacker
    /cc @Ravelry #
  • 00:08 Was assisted slightly tonight: twitpic.com/25h14m + 1hr snooze 6pm. (I zonked)

    #IXUS from Zoo twitpic.com/25h139 #
  • 09:01 Zoo trip w/@lilblip 189/244 photos up to Flickr tag'd #zoo, might find bandwidth before uploading videos ;)

    twitpic.com/25l4uf #
  • 10:14 I bet #iOS4 4.0.1 update for iPhone pops up a "please shift hand position" ;)

    Gutted! Nothing for iPod: twitpic.com/25lnjx :( #
  • 11:02 @IcarusForde Mesh|Pod is 2nd Gen. I do like the snappy app close/open & threaded mail, but is a bit buggy & lost double click iPod overlay.. #
  • 11:04 @simon_w No but there are enough quirks in the #iOS4 on iPod that 4.0.1 would be nice. Missing the option to bring up iPod controls = #iFail #
  • 11:07 @IcarusForde my 8GB iPod 2gen seems to run low on memory a lot more w/#iOS4, leading to app crashes - even v4 certified ones. #iWant iPhone4 #
  • <
    li>11:16 Catching up on #chores while @lilblip battles 16 tanks in BZFlag & @CabbetteNZ is tackling bedroom sort
    Chatted w/@June603 for 15m abt music #</li>
  • 11:41 @simon_w they have the fast exit & launch, but #iOS4 for iPod 2gen removed the overlay & banned us from multitask so no menu to swipe #iFail #
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