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Living with Mangee
it's not that difficult....
Why are we waiting? the Laurie Bennett stress 
10th-Jul-2007 11:16 pm
Stress is a bad thing...

My darling is having problems getting some of her fabric orders shipped from Laurie Bennet of Cradled in Cloth. Some $USD 1100. Laurie lives and has a store in Augusta, GA, USA. In the store are hundred of un-shipped parcels for people around the world. Laurie ran the Cradled in Cloth co-op fabric group on yahoo groups. People would order fabric, and the orders would be collated and ordered in bulk. Fabric would be shipped to the co-op organiser, who would cut it in lots for each person, and shipped out to them. The concept works. There are hundreds of co-op's, similar ones, happening around the world.

Lauries one worked until she let it get a little on top of her. She stopped shipping packages, stopped cutting fabric, and stopped answering emails or phone calls. She set up a home business[sic] called "Augusta babies in cloth" -- on their web-site "We regret that we are closing the doors of our brick and mortar in order to move the business back home". The store was down in Martinez near Pizza hutt and the school on Columbia Rd.

After Laurie stopped answering emails requesting shipping details, and even banned people who requested info on the group mailing list, a number of people lodged paypal claims to get their money back. Of course as the fabric had been ordered and shipped to Laurie (with an associated cost) and in some cases cut and re-packaged, these disputes locked up funds that were for shipping parcels - so no parcels got shipped.
Even paying her money directly for shipping resulted in only a partial shipment of a couple of bits of fabric - and the money was used for shipping another 'more urgent' parcels for her home business.

Read more about Laurie on her website

A yahoo group of unhappy people was formed - with some $60,000 worth of orders apparently outstanding and 122 members - it seems it's not just us. News 12 aired a story about it - click through the News12 flash menu on the right to find "Diaper Dispute"

As her husband was in the army - so the group talked to them.. but Laurie refused help "she has a system" and training other people to use it would take too long. Argh!

I suppose one could trying enlisting some help via the Augusta Craiglist or something.. but anyone got any experience in American justice that can give some pointers on what to do when someone isn't using the money you send them to ship the parcel they have even got a shipping label for? A class action suit? Knee-capping? An army of unhappy mothers?

Please note I'm pissed off, annoyed that my darling cabbette is so stressed it's making her sick, so some facts may not be 100%

11th-Jul-2007 12:25 pm (UTC) - Fraud
Papal does have a fraud dept., as does your credit card or bank card company. If you lodge a complaint with them, they'll work to recover your money.
11th-Jul-2007 04:58 pm (UTC) - Re: Fraud
Aye, believe me we started filing paypal and cc disputes -- but it just ties up the money. There is a 45 day limit -- and obviously that is well past (many co-ops can take 2-6 months). With recent tranasactions we've kept a close eye on it.. and if after 45 days nothings happening - file a dispute. shipping via surface is no longer an option with USPS -- so it's 6-10 days now -- not the 6 weeks + shipping used to be before you could tell if the supplier was fibbing.

I have grand plans to fix the co-op system with a trust based system... but who knows.
9th-Jan-2008 04:26 am (UTC) - Laurie Here...
Since you haven't updated your readers in quite a while, I just wanted to make it known publicly that you (or your darling) have been refunded in full for your payments. It's a good thing, too...I was beginning to worry about all those people walking past my house with baseball bats, I wouldn't want a knee-capping over the incident!

Laurie Bennett
15th-Jan-2008 10:41 am (UTC) - Re: Laurie Here...
Indeed. It is a relief. It's good to have that saga over with no great loss of sanity. Onto the next saga, eh?

It's always hard to remain objective about money when you have none or have some tied elsewhere, and things said or written in the heat of the moment get preserved for ages on the web and in google.

Never did seem to find anyone that wanted to go door knocking, even in a friendly way.
You don't have a baseball field down the street do you? that may explain the baseball bat carrying people?

Anyways, yes to all you web bots, Laurie is all right in the end. We got our money back eventually.

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