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12 November
Just me, Mangee.

Essentially a geek, but also a new Father (circa Oct-04). Into anything vaguely related with computers.

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An Occasional TNC attendee.

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"thursday night curry", almost famous, anti ms, apple, audioscrobbler, bed, beehive, being awesomer than everyone, being livejournal nerds, blog, bluetooth, boinc, booth, bucket fountain, cameras, cars, cfuh, christian, cloth nappies, code, coffee, computer, computers, css, cuba mall, curry, dad, daddy, days off, debian, digital cameras, digital photography, discovering new music, dreams, ebis, embassy theatre, family, fast cars, father, fatherhood, free beer, gadgets, geek, geeks, gentle discipline, gentle parenting, google, google image search, graphic design, graphics, guy stuff, hardware, having lots of interests, html, hurricanes, husbands, internet, iphone, ipod, irc, joseph, kids, kilbirnie school, kiwi, lane park, last.fm, learning, linux, lions, lliam, lord of the rings, m64k linux, macintosh, macromedia, macs, making friends, makingup fake interests, mandrake, mangee, manners mall, math, mcn, mesh networks, more fm, moviefest, mp3s, music, nerd, network, networks, new zealand, nmg, nz, os x, parenting, parents, personal time, philosophy, photography, pictures, science, scifi, scorpio, seti@home, setiathome, shooting film, siblings, sleeping, spamming lj, superchic(k), superchick, swimming, taking photos, te papa, tech, technology, the beehive, thesauruses, thursday night curry, tnc, tnn, tolerance, typos, university, unlimited potential, up, upper hutt, vanilla coke, vic uni, vic university, victoria uni, victoria university, water balloons, we7, web design, web page design, web2.0, webdesign, weetbix, wellington, wellylug, welmac, wireless, work at home, work-family balance, working dads, wrist communicators, writing